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                last updated 3 March 2017


Prayer plays a vital role in the life of the St. Mary's Church community.

There are many methods used for the delivery and participation of prayer. In addition to the corporate prayers used within the services there are five ways to request personal prayer:

  • During our communion services prayer is offered during communion on a personal basis with a member of our prayer team.
  • There is a box in the Church into which requests for prayer can be entered. These may be requests for mention in corporate prayer or for immediate prayer (see prayer chain below).
  • Every weekday, at 9:05 am in the Church, a service of Morning Prayer will take place.
  • You can request prayer online using our Prayer Request Form.
  • You may also contact Rod (phone number 01797 253118) and ask for the prayer chain to be invoked. This will lead to all the members of the prayer chain to be contacted and given details of the situation to be prayed for.

The Church community also operates a prayer diary which outlines those people, places and groups for which we pray for on a given day. For example different roads in the village are prayed for each day and as a result the whole village is prayed for weekly.

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